in Pride

When you come to Pride, we don't just want you to take in all the great stuff we have to offer. Pride wouldn't be Pride without YOU participating with us! Join us in a craft contest, a drag show, or by sharing your art and winning great prizes and making new friends along the way. We have event opportunities for everyone in the family, so find your thing, enter and bring your special thang to Pride! 

Art Show

Our Art Show at Pride features local artists who want to show and sell their work at our event. There's no cost to submit your art for the show, and your pieces will not be judged. Your work will be kept in a secured room throughout the weekend and all money from any sales will be given to you at the end of the weekend. Full details are on the sign up form. 

Adult Baking Contest

Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Share your talent and win prizes by participating in our baking contest! Entries will be judged by their adherence to the theme: "Dare to be Different." Prepare your most unique and tasty dish and share it with us by signing up for the contest today! 

Kids' Cupcake Decorating Contest

Are your kids great kitchen artists? Enter them in the cupcake decorating contest and help them show off their skills! The contest is open to all kids under 15 and has a $5 entry fee.  Kids 14 and under are encouraged to enter. Details are available on the sign-up sheet. 

High Hair Havoc

How high can you style? Enter our High Hair Havoc competition to show off your hair sculpting chops! Entries will fall into two categories: Licensed and Amateur/Student. Stylists must bring their own models. Entry fee for both categories is $10 and includes two buttons. For more information, see the registration form.

Kids' Arts and Crafts Contest

Is your kid the next Picasso? Let them show off their skills in the arts and crafts contest! Kids 14 and under are welcome to enter an original art or craft piece based on the theme "The Sensational Sixties." Let your kids' creative juices flow and sign them up for the contest to share their talent with the world! More details can be found on the entry form. 

Adult Art Contest

Are you the best kept artistic secret in Hutchinson? Pride is your time to shine! Contestants over 15 will compete to create the best representation of the theme: "Remembering Stonewall." Put your best foot (or brush) forward and share your talent! Further details are available on the entry form. 

Blossoming Beauties and Bros Pageant

If you feel that the stage is calling to you, you need to sign up for the Blossoming Beauties and Bros Pageant! Anyone looking to try drag for the first time is welcome to enter and receive help and input from experienced drag kings and queens. Discover your inner fabulous at Pride this year! More details are available on the registration form. 

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